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Designing the Green New Deal

by Julia Farawell, SHV Communications Coordinator The current political climate seems to parallel the environmental climate: uncomfortable heat, higher stakes, and increased risk of disaster. As the clock ticks towards an uncertain future, the push for a Green New Deal in the United States is abundant. On Friday, September 13th, I attended a conference called “Designing […]

Plugged in to the Sun (and Happy)

by Perry Goldschein, SHV board member I’ve known since law school days that  electric vehicles (EVs) are a critical technology in helping to keep the air clean and mitigate climate change, as well as create economic opportunity and reduce US dependence on fossil fuels.  I was paying attention when President Bill Clinton signed into law the Energy Policy Act […]

Speeding it Up

by Melissa Everett Our mission is to accelerate climate action in ways that make our communities more vibrant and resilient…..We agree with Bill McKibben’s argument in Rolling Stone, that “If we don’t win very quickly…. We will never win. That makes global warming different from every other problem our political systems have faced.”   Winning on […]

In the Marketplace: Action for You

by Melissa Everett Sustainable Hudson Valley works to make it easier to save resources and shift to clean technologies – empowering consumers while building the marketplace for solar power, electric vehicles and more. I’m going to tell you about several opportunities we offer, that you can take advantage of. I’m also going to share one […]

The Genius of the Eco-District

by Melissa Everett   Everything is getting worse and worse, and better and better, faster and faster. That line comes from Tom Atlee, who is a guru on “collective intelligence.” To have a shot at organizing a sufficient response to climate change, we are going to need more than individual action. We are going to […]

Winning the Carbon War

by SCA Solarize Intern Julie Settembrino The first week of my internship with Sustainable Hudson Valley one of my supervisors, Melissa Everett introduced me to Jeremy Leggett’s book The Winning of the Carbon War and it shifted my world. I knew already that the fight against climate change comes in many forms, shapes and strengths; […]

Hudson Valley Environmental Groups Gather to Discuss Climate Change

by Duncan Gilchrist On Wednesday June 15th, theatres all across the country issued a call to action in the form of a documentary titled ‘Time to Choose’. Environmental organizations from the Hudson Valley gathered together at the Rosendale Theatre for a showing of the film and a post screening discussion. Directed by documentary filmmaker Charles […]

Place Matters

by Melissa Everett Cities, towns and villages have always been at the forefront of climate and environmental innovation. They’re where the challenges of buildings, traffic, and electricity play out in some of the most concentrated and complex ways. They embody the challenges at a human scale – and the opportunities.   Over the decades of […]