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Adaptation Clearinghouse, a comprehensive resource on climate adaptation players and strategies from the Georgetown Climate Center

Biomimicry Institute Toolbox – to design with nature rather than creating problems that later need solving

Clean Energy Group – Resilient Power Project – public interest initiative to demonstrate and accelerate renewables with storage especially in low income and at-risk community settings.

Resilient Power Project

Climate, Mind and Behavior, Garrison Institute’s beautifully curated collection of psychological and social guidance for leadership

Cloud Institute – hub for education and training for sustainability focusing on K-12

Coalition for an Environmentally Responsible Economy, investor-driven advocacy to close the “ambition gap” on climate action and engage the power of business

Drawdown presentation and training materials from Pachamama Alliance

F. Schumacher Center for a New Economics – an original source for conscious enterprises and re-localization, with a library and archive of lectures not to be missed

Health Care Without Harm – global, science-rich, effective organization helping the health care sector to be a force for environmental benefit. Includes the Health Care Climate Challenge helping health care institutions (5% of global greenhouse gas emissions) achieve net zero impact:

Institute for Local Self-Reliance – hub for locally controlled, durable approaches to low-impact living especially “Waste to Wealth”

Land Art Generator: Integrating Renewable Energy and Public Art

New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, Climate Justice Agenda – stakeholder driven vision of urban climate justice by leading group “on the ground – and at the table”

One Hundred Resilient Cities: innovation and education partnership founded by major foundations, documenting what major cities are doing to become more resilient.

Post Carbon Institute – practical think-tank on planning, policy, law and vision for a low-carbon society that is not just about solar panels – economic re-localization, resilient design, and people-power.

Want to Fight Global Warming? Start with Refrigerants –The Number One solution on the Drawdown list, to Reverse the Climate Crisis — the action that has the potential to make the biggest immediate impact on environmental destruction — is proper disposal and management of refrigerants.

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