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Welcome to Sustainable Hudson Valley.

Climate change….. political chaos…..
creativity and collaboration have never been more important.

New York has stepped up with leadership in the new United States’ Climate Alliance to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and plan to keep our communities and economy healthy in a changing climate. The Hudson Valley is a unique source of innovation and creativity to rise to that challenge.

Sustainable Hudson Valley works to accelerate progress in building a low-carbon, resilient economy and communities with high quality of life for all.

Community Solutions.

Community Solutions Lab  – redesigning lifestyle and community to reduce impact and increase resilience.

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Regional Initiatives.

New York invested $1 million in each of ten regions to create plans to achieve swift reduction of climate pollution linked with economic revitalization.

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HOLD THE DATE: Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018

(weather date Feb. 24)

Imagining 2020: A Critical Path to Resilient, Sustainable Communities

The Hudson Valley was a birthplace of the first environmental movement, linking land and water protection with economic prosperity.  The next environmental movement is all about people: how we live, work and develop our communities. This means re-envisioning cities, food and water systems, buildings and mobility so that people can lead more fulfilling lives and create economic opportunities as we actively restore our environment.    

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How can you become more sustainable?

Consume less
Supportlocal businesses
Eat healthy
Love yourself

MegaTons of carbon emitted in New York State in 2016


Number of electric cars in New York State in 2015


MW megawatts
of solar energy hitting the state of NY in 2016