About us.

Climate change is a global challenge, but there is tremendous leverage in community and regional scale work. Cities, towns and villages are big enough to matter yet small enough to influence. New York is a leader in the movement of states to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Accords. This alliance works by targeting the year 2020 as the point when global carbon emissions start to drop, and engaging local leaders in pledging to shift their communities to 100% renewable energy. We are already seeing growth in solar arrays, electric vehicle charging stations, green roofs, bike trails, community gardens, transit stations, and – most importantly – creative involvement in all these efforts. But it is not enough.

How can we scale up climate action? By working more nimbly … at larger scales …… with greater leverage…. Involving and inspiring more people….. With hundreds of local and regional groups working on aspects of sustainability, we aim to figure out new approaches that strengthen our collective efforts.

Sustainable Hudson Valley serves as a catalyst for new ways to scale up climate action to slow and reverse the crisis while protecting our communities from its worst impacts. Since 2000, we have been providing education, planning assistance and leadership. Our marketplace campaigns – the 10% Challenge, Solarize and Drive Electric Hudson Valley – empower people to live more lightly and build markets for clean technologies. In 2018 – 20, we are developing new strategies and partnerships for greater impact.