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Climate Act: Cutting to the Chase

Comments on the NYS Draft Scoping Plan by Melissa Everett, PHD Executive Director, Sustainable Hudson Valley I am Executive Director of Sustainable Hudson Valley, a regional organization that speeds up climate progress through projects in the clean energy marketplace and  through  a creative experiment in regional planning to meet the Climate Act’s mandate.  We applaud […]


My Week at COP 26, Part 2

By Ben Eckstein The 26th COP event has proven to not only be an annual conference to share lessons and negotiate global climate deals, but also an annual time to reflect on this process. Although COP 26 has been criticized in numerous ways over the last few weeks for failing to establish meaningful climate goals, […]


My Week at COP 26, Part 1

By Ben Eckstein When my co-workers at Sustainable Hudson Valley announced our status as an observer at COP 26, in Glasgow, I knew there was an opportunity to witness this event – an opportunity I had to take. Over these two weeks, climate leaders and experts from around the globe were set to convene and […]