Ulster County’s Green New Deal commits the County to ongoing climate action that translates into economic benefits for businesses as well as residents. A major program strategy is UGREEN, the Ulster County Green Economy Network.  By joining this dynamic network, businesses can get help to improve their environmental performance and marketing support to tell their success stories. They will also be preferred advisors to Ulster County as its staff designs the next generation of green business programming.  The Network is a one-stop connection for peer support, funding opportunities, recognition, and the friendly competition of the Ulster County Green Business Champions Program.

Sustainable Hudson Valley is the County’s outreach partner.  Throughout the year, we will be connecting with businesses to learn and celebrate what they are already doing and help them take the next steps.  You will be invited to monthly gatherings with Ulster County’s economic development staff and fellow business leaders. You’ll have an open channel of communication with the County to make sure they understand what you need to go greener, faster.

The Network can also connect you with the services of Sustaine, Inc. an innovative company that provides no-cost, customized energy assessments to businesses.

Any for-profit or non-profit business based in Ulster County can join the Network.


Melissa Everett, Ph.D.,

“I remember when green businesses were a novelty.  Now it’s taken seriously by major companies like Ulster Savings and Hannaford. It’s taken for granted in the MBA programs at Bard and SUNY New Paltz.  We have zero waste shopping options like Accord Market.  We have cutting edge architects like Rick Alfandre and so many others.  A network like this is the next stage in evolution of our green economy, and we couldn’t be prouder to start it in Ulster County.”

Michael Sheridan - Sustainable Hudson Valley Board MemberMichael Sheridan, Ph.D. 

“I have been teaching MBA students about these emerging sectors for ten years and it is so great to see it catching on.”


Hold the Date: 

September 15, 2022, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Ulster Green Economy Summit at SUNY New Paltz